Reiki Level 1 Course - (2 Days) - In Person

Rs. 2,500.00

Why do People learn Reiki?

A. Have Benefitted Yourself

B. Have a relative/friend who has

C. Naturally inclined to spirituality

Have Faith. Believe. All Reiki asks is that you come with an open mind. Give it a chance to help, and it will not disappoint. Get a healing session before you start learning Reiki. Faith comes from experience.

Why Learn Reiki From Asaino?

There is no need to, quite honestly. Instead, find the Guru you can connect to and who is ready to guide you when things get complicated. It is a healing journey, having a guide will make learning easier. If you feel we can help you in this journey please feel free to connect.

Two Things We Do Not Compromise On

No short cut to learning. We don't do Attunement for people who do not attend the full course.

No Online Attunement. We believe in the sanctity of the process and require the person to be present physically 


What Does Reiki Work Best On

• Diseases Ranging From Head Ache to Arrhythmia To even Cancer

• Mental Health Issues especially stress, anxiety and sleep associated

• Relationship Healing and Manifestation

• Pet's Health

• Attracting Wealth and Abundance

• On Non Living Objects

Located at:

Office no : 208, 10 Biz Park, Symbiosis Road, Near Symbiosis College, Viman Nagar, Pune - 411006

Date and Time:

2 - 7pm, Sat - 29th  July, 2023
2 - 7pm, Sun - 30th  July,  2023


Our Reiki Masters and Grand Masters who have trained over 3000 students, and healed countless individuals.

Course Syllabus

Day 1: Introduction, 5 Bodies, Chakra, Attunement

• Introduction

• Reiki References

• Five Bodies

• Chakras

• Attitude of Gratitude

• Spiralling, Balancing and Sweeping

• Story of Reiki

• Light Circle

• Attunement (Part 1

Day 2: Partner Treatment, Reiki Principles, Chakra Balancing

• Partner and Reverse Partner

• Mind and Thought Power

• Principles of Reiki

• Centering Exercise

• Chakra Balancing

• Acute and Chronic Diseases

• Attunement (Part 2)

• Light Circle

• Certification and Vote of Thanks

Your Status: Adult


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